Feelin’ the Blues! 4th of July Makeup Faves


Blue makeup is my fave because it draws sooo much attention to the eyes! No matter your eye color or shape, a touch of deep blue brightens eyes and adds artsiness to your look!

Even if you’re a skeptic or a fan of more neutral looks, blue is perfect for the Fourth of July! I buy cheapy brands when I’m playing with funky colors — I like knowing I can test out a color and not feel bad if I never wear it again. I love Beauty Rush from Victoria’s Secret for silly beauty buys and funky colors, because I know the stuff is super cheap but also quality that won’t run / smear all over my face (eew to smeary makeup).


If you’re new to colorful makeup…

Start slow by applying your makeup as you usually would. Trade out your traditional black mascara for a blue wand, and sha-BAM you are now very edgy / artsy / hipster. The trick is to use a DARK blue (none of that baby blue ish on your eyelashes please!!) &I promise you can barely even tell that it’s not black! The effect is noticeable only when you’re outside and rays of sunshine hit your lashes. It’s subtle but sooo pretty… I’ve gotten tons of compliments on days I didn’t even realize I was wearing the stuff!

If you have big eyes…

Try a metallic baby blue shadow (my favorite is Teal Fury from Lancome. I have the old version, photographed below!). The look is perfect for a sunny summer day like the Fourth, and will bring attention to your big beautiful eyes!! The super light, shimmery effect is fun & playful, making you appear dressed up and put together even if you’re wearing a simple outfit or bikini all day!

If you have small eyes…

Use a thick, shimmery blue liner. The glitter in the liner will make your eyes look bigger, while the blue will complement your eye color and make it appear brighter!

If you’re here to party…

It’s Fourth of July!! Go big or go home. Put the whole shebang together (blue shadow, eye liner, and mascara) for a winning look. The trick is to really emphasize one product and remain subtle with the others! I like to go big on the eye shadow by layering it all over my lid, up to the crease. I add a thin layer of liner right against my top lash line, and finish with a few waves of mascara. BAM. You’re done!

Check out some of my favorite products below:


◊ Victoria’s Secret Chubby Eye Stick ◊


◊ Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Mascara ◊


 ◊ Lancome Eye Shadow Palette with Teal Fury ◊

 What are your favorite makeup products? How are you wearing your makeup for the Fourth!? Share with us below!

Blush + Lip Tint Supertrick

imageThe ever-asked question: if you had to leave the house wearing only one makeup product, what would it be?

For me, it’s a no-brainer. BLUSH. And not just blush… I guess this one’s kind of a cheat. I mean blush + blush turned lipstick.

This look is perfect for a Spring day in the sunshine! In my opinion, there’s nothing more feminine and charming than a soft pink cheek. The flush that a good blush provides brings an element of intrigue – suggesting something both guilty and playful. Good blush contouring is fun and, when done right, super-natural in an “I’m not wearing any makeup – my life always lends way to this flushed and fabulous look” kind of way ;)

Pair that with a lip stain to match your cheeky flush, and you’ve reached my all-time fave makeup look.

I actually came upon this genius idea by mistake. My favorite blush and lipgloss palate sit the blush and glosses way too close together, resulting in deposits of blush accumulating in all my light gloss colors! At first I was annoyed, but soon realized that the light pink lip glosses took on whatever color of blush I mixed into them! Genius mistake? Yes yes yes!!! Now I’m obsessed with this concept and do it on purpose all the time. As much as I love buying new lipsticks, this technique truly let’s you make your shades, customized to your needs and complexion. If you don’t have a spare nude lip palate lying around (umm, seriously? Who does?) I suggest mixing blush pigment into a tiny amount of Vaseline on the end of a Qtip. This keeps the integrity of your blush color perfectly and lets you make easy single use batches of lip stain! Just take some loose powder and mix with a tiny bit of vaseline and spread onto your lips.


Next, I blush my cheeks like crazy. I like to use a loose powder blush because it lets me pick up just the right amount. My favorite is Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush in Peachy Dream.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 1.14.44 PM

Not too much, of course, but don’t make the mistake of applying too little. Coming from a girl that turns tomato-red after only five minutes at the gym, I have the authority to claim that blush does look natural, even if you have a good amount of pigment sitting on your cheekbones.


And voila! With one simple makeup product you’ve totally transformed your look, double-whammy style. Take that, you “I-won’t-leave-the-house-without-mascara” chicas.