Inside Diamondback Stadium!


I just got back from a trip to Phoenix, where I started every morning chugging espresso <<above>> in the comforts of my heavenly Ritz-Carlton suite (holla at free upgrades! thx Ritz!). My trip was primarily work-oriented, but was full of amazing surprises!

First… the Ritz is crazy about succulents. I never really thought that I liked succulents until this trip! They were everywhere, paired with driftwood and bright sands. LOVE IT. This is a perfect DIY home decor idea.


Second, my rental car was MIA when I arrived, so I got another upgrade (wait for it)… to a BRIGHT ORANGE CHALLENGER. This babe of a car was calendar photo-shoot worthy.


The third, and probably best surprise of all, was a private tour of Diamondback Stadium! The Dbacks are a client, so they hooked it up big time. We ate a lunch of salads & spritzers while overlooking the field, then followed with a VIP tour of everything Diamondback.


♦ Our view from lunch! ♦


♦ BUSTED! Testing out the drunk-tank ♦


 ♦ Press conference time! ♦


♦ Inside the locker room ♦


♦ Newest Goldschmidt fans ♦


 ♦ Locker room batting cages ♦


 ♦ Dugout! Next at bat: HALFSIES!! ♦


 ♦ Chillin’ on the field ♦

We had the best time ever in Phoenix, and now I’m newly inspired to be a good baseball fan. Angels / Dodgers, until you invite us in VIP-style, I think I’m a Dback fan ;)