Sweet Tooth Review: Magnolia Bakery

Restaurant Name: Magnolia Bakery
Location: 401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street, New York
& 8389 West 3rd Street at Orlando St., Los Angeles
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Halfsies Rating: ★★★★★
Halfsies Bank: $$
Genre: Bakery
Great for: Sweet treats, birthday cakes, banana pudding

Magnolia Bakery is one of NYC’s finest bakeries, and I couldn’t help but go a little crazy with a late-night visit. Throw in a few large cups of milk and I was in sweet shop heaven!

The adorable decor makes you feel like you’re inside of your grandmother’s kitchen, and the comfort the sweet goodness provides is unparalleled!

What I loved: Everything (and I mean every single bite) was delicious! I also loved the warm atmosphere, friendly bakers, and cute homey decor

What I’d improve: The shop was a little small for the many late night visitors

What I’d recommend: The banana pudding! It was creamy and just banana-y enough to not be overpowering


Magnolia makes their sweets fresh every morning, but they’re so out-of-control popular that the baking continues all through the day (and night!). I went by after dinner at 10:00pm – don’t worry, they’re open until 12:30 for you late-nighters – and the red velvet cupcakes were being freshly frosted. (LOOK! They invited me behind the counter to help out!) Of course, that means I had to eat one!


Yep – that giant bag is a pretty accurate reflection of just how much I really bought. I went for their famous vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, their chocolate cake, carrot cake, cupcakes, and of course their famous banana pudding.

banana pudding20140409-115346.jpg

And so you have it!! There’s no doubt that when you’re looking for a birthday cake or some special event sweets to blow your mind, Magnolia is your spot!

Restaurant Review: Little Bear

Restaurant Name: Little Bear
Location: 1855 Industrial Street, Los Angeles 90021
Halfsies Rating: ★★★★☆
Halfsies Bank: $$
Genre: Belgian, Gastropub
Great for: Brunch, Dinner, Drinking, Late night hangout with friends




I stumbled upon Little Bear on my friend’s Instagram – I couldn’t stop thinking about her ‘Valencia’ filtered eggs benedict, so I decided to try it out. Little Bear is located in the Arts District in DTLA, on Industrial Street, across from one of my favorite restaurants, Church & State. I decided to take a stroll to Little Bear for brunch (Saturday/Sunday 10am – 3pm) – there was absolutely no crowd and we were seated immediately. They had an array to choose from, but i went with the Smoked Salmon Benedict, while my friend had The Grizzly. We both licked our plates clean! It was ‘beary’ good, and I can’t wait to go back for dinner and burr!

What I loved: Chill ambiance and very filling!

What I’d improve: Parking (that’s LA for you!) and wish the waiter was a little friendlier.

What I’d recommend: Smoked Salmon Benedict & The Grizzly (my friend LOVED it)