DIY Twist Bands


I’m obsessed with twist band hair ties, but let’s cut the crap. These things go for like $2 a pop at the cheapest which is completely absurd. Follow the simple tutorial below to make your own and save some dollas.

What you’ll need to make 4 bands:

♥ 1 yard fold over elastic, any color (find this at any fabric store)
♥ Craft scissors
♥ Ruler

The how-to:

First, gather your supplies. You can get a yard of fold-over elastic for $2-$3. Cut roughly 9.5″ sections.


Once you’ve cut the elastic into sections, fold one of them in half.


Loosely tie the whole thing into a knot, then slowly tighten, pushing the knot upwards towards the tip of the elastic.


Voila! You can make a bunch in just a few minutes. Notice how some of the edges may fray? Trim the lose ends down and top off with a light coat of clear nail polish.


The best part of all? These bad boys are super good for your hair and double as an adorable accessory. Check out our post here to find ways to pair your bands with your fave watches and jewelry!

Twist bands: Fad or Fabulous?

imageI’ve been wearing twist bands since college, and I can’t quite remember why I started. Perhaps the appeal of the mason jars filled with fun neon options at my favorite boutiques had something to do with it. Or maybe it was my hair stylist, yelling at me for my ever-splitting ends and long tangled hair.

To this day, you’ll never catch me sporting a regular hair tie again. In my opinion, the classic black hair elastic is passé – it’s both impractical & uncomfortable. (And let’s face it, not nearly as cuhhhhute as the images below!!)

My argument stands: these twisty babies are fab fashion statements that simultaneously serve a practical purpose! Can we ask for anything more??!

Check out some of the ways we pair our twist bands and let us know what you think! Can a hair tie really double as an accessory? We vote yes!!


Look out for my DIY post on how to make your own twist bands, DIRT CHEAP! Coming soon! xx