Chobani Grammy Guacamole


There’s nothing I love more than an afternoon of oogling beautiful women in superb fashions! HELLO awards season! Of course, I love to indulge in my usual favorites (chips and guac, refreshing beer, hiii!). Here’s a healthy, fruity twist on my fave guacamole! And if you’re trying to stay healthier — yes, those tiny, beautiful women can have an inspiring influence — use thinly cut carrots or cucumbers instead of chips!

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The key ingredient here is (SHHH!) Chobani yogurt. Check it out here, or our fave peach flavor here! That’s right, we even went extra bold and used a peach Chobani, just to give our guac a little extra somptin somptin!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

♥ 1 cup peach Chobani yogurt
♥ 2 avocados
♥ 1/2 tomato
♥ 1-2 stalks celery
♥ sharp cheddar
♥ feta cheese

Finely chop the cheese, tomatoes, and celery. Combine in a bowl with avocado and Chobani yogurt. Mix well, using a fork to work the mixture in with the avocado. We add cayenne pepper and salt for extra flavor!


Restaurant Review: Mercado

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.06.07 PM

Restaurant Name: Mercado
Location: 7910 West Third Street, Los Angeles, California 90048 
Halfsies Rating: ★★★★★
Halfsies Bank: $$$
Great for: Happy hour

What I loved: Guac & margaritas! And their carnitas are absolutely drool worthy… among the best I’ve had. EVER.

What I’d improve: I’d love to see more drink options on the happy hour menu.

What I’d recommend: The carnitas, shrimp taquitos, and hibiscus margarita!




Looking for an extra “cool factor”? The restaurant sits facing the street with a super airy vibe! The front facade is completely open, letting in the warm breezes that define LA. It’s a super fun way to people watch while enjoying yourself :)


Don’t forget to ask about drink specials! Servers are all super well versed in their offerings and are always coming up with great new mixes! My fave are the margs, especially the hibiscus margarita and the blood orange ruby grapefruit margarita!

Yum yum! Enjoy friends! This place is a must visit!!