Married to Nature

I spent today in a local arboretum, laying on a blanket in the sunshine, watching strangers set up for a sure-to-be-fabulous wedding.


I kind of had an epiphany in the process. The birds were chirping, soft wedding music drifted quietly in the wind, and I felt this weird tranquility that quickly translated to an infectious happiness.

Like the rest of you, my busy days lend little time to doing nothing. I live in the hustle and bustle of crazy LA, and my “outside” adventures usually consist of going to the beach or hitting up popular hiking trails.

This idea of nothingness… of sitting around by myself, listening to nature, and trying to fully clear my thoughts… It’s beautiful! I’m obsessed! I literally can’t get enough.

As the day progressed, I feared my wedding prep observing might turn into
“Who is that creepy stranger?” inquiries, so I ventured further into the arboretum, inspired to take pics to share with you all, proving the beauty & overwhelming perfection of nature.

20140531-145754-53874020.jpg20140531-145748-53868974.jpg 20140531-145027-53427209.jpg20140531-145757-53877866.jpg20140531-145755-53875052.jpg20140531-145752-53872058.jpg

I hope you enjoy! This is totally my new version of therapy… It’s even better than shopping (I can’t believe I just said that).