LA Arts District Flea Market


I LOVE LOVE LOVE hunting for treasures. Flea markets & farmers markets have quick become my favorite places to visit on the weekends due to their super low-key, earthy, peaceful vibes. I’ve been frequenting the Brentwood Farmers Market forever but just went to the downtown LA Arts District Flea Market for the first time and was so impressed that I couldn’t help but share!

The Arts District Flea Market is as artsy-crazy as the Arts District itself. The market is hosted inside a warehouse in DTLA, and stepping foot inside is like stepping foot into vintage wonderland. If you’re looking for an impossible-to-find antique fridge, typewriter, sewing machine, table, lamp….. ETC! this is your place.

There’s also a whole mess of eclectic art, jewelry, clothing, and home decor! Prices are a little higher than an average flea market, but considering the quality of the gems you find here, I’d say it’s well worth it!

Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, the Arts District Flea Market is a ton of fun to stop by and walk around! There’s music, a super fun crowd, and occasionally there are games to play too! (Check out the vintage arcade basketball set below!). When you’re done at the market, go have dinner at one of the many eateries in the Industrial / Arts Districts of DTLA.

The market is open 11AM – 7PM every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Happy treasure hunting!!













DIY Cork Pinboard


I’ve been wanting to make a wine cork pin board for pretty much forever. I thought I drank more than enough wine to make this a reality, but making a decent sized pin board actually takes a TON of corks. Get drinking, my friends.

20140526-163843-59923049.jpg 20140526-163844-59924868.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:
♥A foam board or piece of cardboard as your base. I used a small piece of foam board that I had laying around! (If you want to get really fancy, you can buy a frame and fill it in!) This was my first cork board though, and I wanted to keep it simple.
♥Glue. Soooo much freaking glue. I only bought one tube of tacky glue, then resorted to using two backup Elmer’s glues, and STILL didn’t have enough. Just get a shieeeez ton of glue… You worked hard drinking all that wine! The least you can do is make sure those corks are well attached to your base.
♥Corks. Needless to say, enough to fill your canvas.
♥An old paintbrush to spread glue

20140526-163839-59919338.jpg20140526-163838-59918687.jpg 20140526-163839-59919989.jpg

♥Get creative with patterns! There are so many online / on Pinterest! I really liked the simple tiled approach, which is pretty much fool-proof for noobs like me!
♥Cutting corks in half would really help in terms of affixing them sturdily to a base, but it’s sooo hard to cut a cork in half! I have super sharp knives and still couldn’t slice these suckers. (I even almost lost a finger. Not down.)


And you’re done! So easy and such a cute pin board for photos, recipes, calendars, and more! :)

DIY Twist Bands


I’m obsessed with twist band hair ties, but let’s cut the crap. These things go for like $2 a pop at the cheapest which is completely absurd. Follow the simple tutorial below to make your own and save some dollas.

What you’ll need to make 4 bands:

♥ 1 yard fold over elastic, any color (find this at any fabric store)
♥ Craft scissors
♥ Ruler

The how-to:

First, gather your supplies. You can get a yard of fold-over elastic for $2-$3. Cut roughly 9.5″ sections.


Once you’ve cut the elastic into sections, fold one of them in half.


Loosely tie the whole thing into a knot, then slowly tighten, pushing the knot upwards towards the tip of the elastic.


Voila! You can make a bunch in just a few minutes. Notice how some of the edges may fray? Trim the lose ends down and top off with a light coat of clear nail polish.


The best part of all? These bad boys are super good for your hair and double as an adorable accessory. Check out our post here to find ways to pair your bands with your fave watches and jewelry!

Unique LA

photoI was so excited to be able to attend Unique LA this weekend at the California Market Center! Although, I was only able to attend 1 of the 2 days, I managed to score some awesome bits & pieces! For all of you unfamiliar with the subject, Unique is the destination for all things made in America. It is a way to bring over 350 hand-selected, local designers and artists to the masses, while helping to support, sustain, and grow small businesses and the local economy.

At the event, we received cotton tote bags, unlimited re-entry for both days, free drinks and snacks from JOIA All Natural Sodas, Honest Tea, GT’s Kombucha, KIND bars, Cookie Chips, and LUNA! There were even DIY craft projects and a free photobooth! Unique is also expanding to NYC & SF, so if you are in any of those markets, be sure to check it out! If you are in LA and want to attend another event, they are returning in August and December! Go to their website for more information!

Omg! These sauces were so good that I had to get all three – Red Pepper Romesco, Pistachio Mint Chutney, and Thai Chile Cilantro Dressing! I recommend that you get your hands on these pronto, your taste buds will thank you! But first, help them get their first large scale batch to the market, by supporting their Kickstarter Project!Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.53.51 PM

Red Pepper Romesco works with pasta or pizza sauce, sandwich spread, mayo substitute, dipping or finishing sauce for meats & veggies.

Pistachio Mint Chutney works with finishing sauce, grilling sauce for meat & veggies, breakfast eggs, paninis, or quinoa.

Thai Chile Cilantro works with salad or pasta dressing, marinade for meat, chicken, or fish, or as a finishing sauce.

I was able to sample this scrub today and it was AMAZEBALLS! My hands felt so silky smooth and smelled like heaven! It is not only for your hands, but for all parts of the bodyyyy! It will be a BODY PARTY…

Avocado Chocolate paleta? Umm… YES!

Leather Bottom Vida Cross Body Bag! As soon as I saw this, I knew it was meant to be. What made me love it more was the fact that it can turn into a fanny pack! Awesome, right?! See below!


I thought this shirt was hilarious… my parents didn’t… fail. hehe.

I hope you all enjoyed an inside look at my “lovely F&*$%#@ day” at Unique LA! It was such a blast and I cannot wait to go back in August and December!