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I wanted to share my at home milk frothing process and latest obsession: at home cinnamon hemp milk cappuccinos! This is my favorite afternoon snack and is now the ONLY way I’ll take my coffee. You’ll be shocked how easy it is to froth hemp milk!

Also… I am simply loving this new sweater from Lou & Grey! Check it out in the photos below! It’s super soft and just warm enough to cuddle up in but still look put together… I’ve even worn this to work!

How to make my fave coffee ever:
1. Pour a small amount of milk (however much you would normally want in your coffee/cappuccino) into a small jar w/ lid
2. Close the lid and SHAKE! for 30 seconds
3. Place the glass jar into the microwave for 30 seconds, without the lid

That’s it! It comes out super frothy… like magic! Pour over your coffee or espresso shot, and spoon the froth onto the top to make it look extra pretty before you enjoy! I like to top mine off with some cinnamon, and if I really feel like indulging I add some stevia.

*Just a note, this tends to work best with low fat milks like 2%, almond milk, or hemp milk.

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Bullet Proof Coffee


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

As much as I buy that statement, ain’t nobody got time for that!! I usually hit the gym in the morning, which means I either turn to an $8 Equinox smoothie (so bad for the bank when that becomes a daily habit), OR I make bullet proof coffee when I get to work.

That’s right. It’s bullet proof because it’s badass and keeps you SO FULL for SO LONG that it’s kind of amazing. Plus, it’s CHEAP & HEALTHY. I know, you love me.

Literally, all you do is brew yourself a cup of joe, then add in a spoon of virgin organic coconut oil & 1-2 scoops protein powder (stick with vanilla or chocolate). This makes your coffee super thick and creamy and delicious! The oil and protein powder are great for you, perfect for post workout (or for just getting you the hell out of bed), and will keep you full til lunch time!

Try it! I promise you’ll fall in love ♥

Restaurant Review: Ladurée


Restaurant Name: Ladurée
Location: 398 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Halfsies Rating: ★★★★★
Halfsies Bank: $$
Genre: French
Great for: Sunday brunch, rainy day dine-ins, afternoon coffee & sweets

Heaven on Earth—I mean, Ladurée— is my absolute favorite place in Paris. AND NOW THEY’RE OPENING LOCATIONS IN THE US!!! I was beyond excited to finally visit the Ladurée in NYC, and true to form, it was perfection. From the French-speaking waitresses to the Louis XIV decor, New York brought me Paris in the form of my morning coffee. To make things better, it ended up raining while we were having our breakfast… a perfect excuse to buy 15 macarons (to share between 5 people… but I could have had them all by myself!).

What I loved: EVERYTHING! The ambience, decor, food, wait staff, service… and especially the packaging! The little macaron boxes are almost as good a reason to buy the treats as the macarons themselves!

What I’d improve: A little pricey but worth every penny

What I’d recommend: Rose flavored macarons, Marie Antoinette flavored macarons, pain au chocolat (sooo flaky and buttery!), canelés (these are as good as the famous ones in Bordeaux!). Also, their coffee is pretty much to die for! I love it all!!


Hip Hip LA!

This past weekend, my good friend and I were finally able to hang out and take part in some pretty hip things in the heart of downtown LA, the Arts District. A place where the population is 95% hipsters and 5% other… Check out the places we explored!

Handsome Coffee Roasters – I am not a usually a devoted coffee drinker, but i promised my friend a good cup of joe! Not only is this place for the artisan coffee lovers, but it is also the haunt for the oh-so hip. I’m talking the fully bearded, indie-rockin, vintage wearin, straight black coffee drinking, hate to be called Hipsters, Hipsters! (I work in the Arts District, so I am technically a ‘Hipster’ by association…) Even though this was not exactly my cup of tea, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.. and the coffee!





Art Share LA – A sanctuary for the arts in none other than the Arts District. Upstairs they provide subsidized lofts for the artists, and downstairs they have a community programmed facility offering classes, exhibitions and events! When I started working in the Arts District, I also began to volunteer some time at Art Share. I’ve grown to really love the place because it genuinely captures the spirit and soul of the Arts District. I couldn’t resist showing my friend this inspiring place. They were also prepping for a Gallery Exhibit Opening – Alliance Collective: Opifex. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood!



Photo Credit: Cheyanne Sauter

We got a little artsy with all the incredible street art…



*We also had brunch at Little Bear (see restaurant review) and played around at the newly opened Eightytwo barcade (coming soon on the blog)!