Travel Diary: Spain

After 2 weeks in Spain, I feel like I’m on a high of sangria & sunshine! If you’re planning an upcoming visit to Southern Spain (if you’re not, you should be!), I hope you visit some of my favorite spots! These are MUST-DO, MUST-VISIT places in beautiful Andalusia.


This little gem of a town is set in the hills of Spain and is known as the “White City” overlooking the Gorge El Tajo. The most famous bridge in town is absolutely breath-taking, and is over 100 meters tall (that’s like a 30 story building!!). You can have a drink at a cafe or stay in a hotel that sits on the cliffs overlooking the gorge and the beautiful bridge. Make sure to stop at the museum inside of the bride for a more detailed look!

Have a picnic in the Alameda Park and catch the view of endless rolling hills and vineyards! There’s also a historic bull ring in Ronda with a small museum to visit.

This town is GORGEOUS and definitely one of my favorites in Spain. There are endless tiny cobblestone roads to explore, littered with cafes and shops. Ronda is must when you’re in Spain!



When you’re this close to Gibraltar, there’s no excuse not to visit! There’s a gondola line that can take you to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, where you’ll see views of Africa. Beware of the f*@$* crazy monkeys (Barbary macaques) that have taken over the rock – they’re completely desensitized to humans and will jump on you and steal your snacks!

If you have time, stop to see St Michael’s Cave, the Apes’ Den, the Great Siege Tunnels, the Moorish castle, Military Heritage Centre, the 100-tonne supergun and the ‘Gibraltar: A City Under Siege’ exhibition. This is a FULL DAY with TONSSSS of walking (but worth every step!).



Sevilla is cultural overload and worth way more than one day of your time! Make sure to visit the Cathedral, which is the third largest in Europe. It’s full of artifacts and incredible architecture, so allocate at least 2 hours to see the entire thing.

Other must-sees include the  Plaza de Espana, the Alcazar Palace, the Plaza de Toros, and one of the many Arab baths!



Granada is such a fun city to just stroll around and explore! Make sure you’re ready to WALK, because the Alhambra Fortress is one of Granada’s main attractions! The fortress is full of patios and gardens and culture! It’s super picturesque and a great place to take photos! When you’re done, stop at St Nicolas Point. Make sure to see the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, and the Great Mosque. If you want to shop, walk along the tiny street of Alcaiceria to find tourist shops and souvenirs.



Marbella is a BABE of a town. It’s the chicest beach town around and is THE party scene of Andalusia. I had more fun here than I ever would have thought. This town is Spain’s best kept secret — it’s the beachier, more laid-back Barcelona of Spain! Don’t plan to go out before midnight, and make sure you’re ready to fiesta until past 4am!

Marbella also has gorgeous beaches where you can rent cabanas / beach chairs for a few euros! The food is to die for, and if you’re trying to shop for some haute couture, Louis V, Dior, Hermes, Ferragamo, and all their friends basically line the sand. Heaven on earth?



Super cute city with great history. Stop at the Moorish Fortress, and go to see Picasso’s house! The Cathedral is gorgeous (aren’t they all?) and is lined by adorable squares where you can grab a beer and listen to street musicians.



(You can take a ferry across from several locations in Spain! Read more about my trip to Morocco in a separate post, coming soon!)



AWESOME TURQUOISE WATER!! But beware, this beach is pretty windy and the waves are much bigger than those on the Mediterranean side.



Love this little beach city! It’s known for sitting on beautiful ocean side cliffs. There are so many small private beaches that you have to take a little bus down the cliffs to reach the most exclusive among them! When you’re there, rent a small sail boat and get lost at sea.



Noteworthy beach! Check it out if you have time.



Another beautiful beach city! The ruins are super cool and the cathedral is gorgeous, but spend most of your time at the beach.


 I’m basically ready to become a professional adventurer! My trip to Spain consisted of new sites and experiences every single day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! What I’d do to be back on my €6 floatie, dozing in the midst of the Mediterranean, sangria in hand.

Where did you spend your summer holiday!? Where should Halfsies go next?? Share below!!