On Broadway! Wicked & Book of Mormon

I’ve been on a crazy Broadway high recently… a few weeks back I finally saw Wicked on Broadway in NYC, and just this past weekend was lucky enough to see the hilarious Book of Mormon at Hollywood’s beautiful Pantages Theater. I highly recommend both productions. I was totally blown away and am definitely down on myself for not having any musical or vocal talent whatsoever. These folks are incredible!



I swear I was the only one of my friends that hadn’t seen Wicked. Now I know why… it’s INCREDIBLE! With Christine Dwyer playing Elphaba, there’s no way not to enjoy the show at NYC’s Gershwin Theater! Christine hits every single note perfectly while always remaining so convincingly in character. She’s incredible, and pairs so well with Jenni Barber who plays Glinda. Together, the two are hilarious! The story details the beginnings of OZ and how Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West came into being. The witches of OZ grow up as two young girls who are the most unlikely of friends. The relationships formed are both beautiful and hilarious, making Wicked a Broadway hit fit for all audiences.

Book of Mormon:


The Book of Mormon is written by the same crew that puts on South Park, and for anyone who has seen it, you’re not surprised. The show is laugh-out-loud hilarious, wildly offensive, and downright entertaining. The production follows two mis-matched Mormon missionaries on their assignment to Uganda, where the locals are less than welcoming. Comedic interpretations of standard teachings are laced with references to pop culture, leading to laugh after laugh. If you’re like me, you may even shed a tear or two. This is a must-see.

What we wore:
Dressing for the theater is almost as exciting as the show itself! This Spring, we’re pairing bright colors with fun animal prints. Classic black is fun to pair with detail like lace gloves or bejeweled neck lines!


2 thoughts on “On Broadway! Wicked & Book of Mormon

  1. I LOVE LOVE Wicked! I saw it in NYC about 10 years ago so I totally need a refresher and would love to go again, but so glad you got to see it!

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