Restaurant Review: Daily Dose Cafe


Restaurant Name: Daily Dose Cafe
Location: 1820 Industrial St #104, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Halfsies Rating: ★★★★☆
Halfsies Bank: $$$
Great for: Brunch, quick bites, outdoor dining, groups

What I loved: Fresh juices, daily specials, large portions, ambience

What I’d improve: Parking can be tricky and combos get a little pricey

What I’d recommend: The “white juice”, nutella mocha, and farmer sandwich


Above: Nutella Mocha & “White Juice” (coconut water, coconut meat, bananas, dates)


Above: Kale couscous


Above: The Farmer Sandwich (Vegetarian and stuffed with goodness! This makes any carnivore happy to forego meat)


Above: The Butcher Sandwich (Dijon mustard with sopressata and pickles)


Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Daily Dose Cafe is super artsy. Rustic exposed brick and an overgrowth of verdure and flowers define the cafe’s “look”, while untreated woods make for great art pieces and mismatched tables. The  Cafe is located in an alley full of light – there are candles to line the walkways and brighten tables, string lights are laced overhead, and vintage chandeliers hang along the ivy. While most guests sit outside along the narrow alley, there are options for indoor seating as well.

Beyond the atmosphere and decor of the place, the food is delish. The menu is super simple, totally fresh, and LA-healthy.


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