Styles of Stagecoach

Music aside, festival weekends mean two things: great food & great fashion! Check out some of this weekend’s most #winning looks!

Crop tops: These lil babies never did go out of style! Paired with daisy dukes the look is simple and complete! For added flair, try patterned shorts! We love weathered denim, acid dyes, and large sunflower prints.


Get creative: Rip, cut, & tie a black tee into your own festival-artsy creation!


Creme/white/denim dresses: This covered look is fun and flirty in a Ralph Lauren patriotic way! My favorites are from Free People and Planet Blue.


Overalls & All Over Denim: Normally a definite no-no, I’m opening up to the idea of all over denim. From funky overalls to creatively paired chambrays and vests, denim is everywhere at Stagecoach – so much so that I’m ready to bring head to toe denim into my everyday life (let’s just keep it multi-tonal, please)


Prints: Don’t forget traditional prints! These are ever perfect for a festival like stagecoach – I love plaid, floral, and American-themed designs!


What did you wear this Festival Season? Share with us in the comments below!

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