Restaurant Review: Ladurée


Restaurant Name: Ladurée
Location: 398 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Halfsies Rating: ★★★★★
Halfsies Bank: $$
Genre: French
Great for: Sunday brunch, rainy day dine-ins, afternoon coffee & sweets

Heaven on Earth—I mean, Ladurée— is my absolute favorite place in Paris. AND NOW THEY’RE OPENING LOCATIONS IN THE US!!! I was beyond excited to finally visit the Ladurée in NYC, and true to form, it was perfection. From the French-speaking waitresses to the Louis XIV decor, New York brought me Paris in the form of my morning coffee. To make things better, it ended up raining while we were having our breakfast… a perfect excuse to buy 15 macarons (to share between 5 people… but I could have had them all by myself!).

What I loved: EVERYTHING! The ambience, decor, food, wait staff, service… and especially the packaging! The little macaron boxes are almost as good a reason to buy the treats as the macarons themselves!

What I’d improve: A little pricey but worth every penny

What I’d recommend: Rose flavored macarons, Marie Antoinette flavored macarons, pain au chocolat (sooo flaky and buttery!), canelés (these are as good as the famous ones in Bordeaux!). Also, their coffee is pretty much to die for! I love it all!!


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