Hip Hip LA!

This past weekend, my good friend and I were finally able to hang out and take part in some pretty hip things in the heart of downtown LA, the Arts District. A place where the population is 95% hipsters and 5% other… Check out the places we explored!

Handsome Coffee Roasters – I am not a usually a devoted coffee drinker, but i promised my friend a good cup of joe! Not only is this place for the artisan coffee lovers, but it is also the haunt for the oh-so hip. I’m talking the fully bearded, indie-rockin, vintage wearin, straight black coffee drinking, hate to be called Hipsters, Hipsters! (I work in the Arts District, so I am technically a ‘Hipster’ by association…) Even though this was not exactly my cup of tea, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.. and the coffee!





Art Share LA – A sanctuary for the arts in none other than the Arts District. Upstairs they provide subsidized lofts for the artists, and downstairs they have a community programmed facility offering classes, exhibitions and events! When I started working in the Arts District, I also began to volunteer some time at Art Share. I’ve grown to really love the place because it genuinely captures the spirit and soul of the Arts District. I couldn’t resist showing my friend this inspiring place. They were also prepping for a Gallery Exhibit Opening – Alliance Collective: Opifex. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood!



Photo Credit: Cheyanne Sauter

We got a little artsy with all the incredible street art…



*We also had brunch at Little Bear (see restaurant review) and played around at the newly opened Eightytwo barcade (coming soon on the blog)!

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