Cucumber Martini


While the rest of the world struggles to survive the Polar Vortex and sub-zero temperatures, I’m sitting in sunny California trying to concoct a refreshing new cocktail for this weekend’s pool-side splendors. It’s March now and aside from a few days of rain, we’ve had consistently 80˚ weather. I’m already in full-blown summer mode. Sorry I’m not sorry?

Even if you’re stuck in the midst of snow flurries, this refresher will help you to pretend you’re somewhere “sunny and seventy-five”.

Here’s what you’ll need:

o    Fresh cucumber

o    Grapefruit juice with pulp

o    Cucumber vodka

o    Vermouth

o    Champagne

o    Ice

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 3.52.34 PMIn a cocktail shaker, mix 2.5 oz cucumber vodka with 0.5 oz vermouth and 1 oz grapefruit juice. Add half a cup of crushed ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass and top with a splash of champagne and cucumber slices! It’s that easy! Cheers!

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