Short but Sweet

mammothMammoth, CA.

One of my favorite places in the entire world. My home away from home – a quaint, euphoric place, making it perfectly suitable for escapism.

 photo PhotoJan0282850PM_zps3cfd651e.jpgI have been to Mammoth every summer since I was a child. It is where all of my family summer vacations took place – camping, fishing, hiking, you name it! It was only until recently when we decided to take on the winter chill. This past winter break, my cousins and I made our way to the Eastern Sierra, where we shredded on the powder, and the term ‘bra/bro’ was used quite often. My cousins are much more experienced and balanced snowboarders than I, being that my nickname the entire weekend was ‘Snow Bunny’. I am guessing that was a compliment… right? Anyways, if you ever feel the need to get away from the real world for a couple days (and I suggest you do), and somehow end up in Mammoth, below are a list of activities I suggest you try!

  1. Camping (Caution: There are bears – sometimes – just put away ALL food items)
  2. Fishing (Catch and release – NO BANANAS for lunch – bad luck)
  3. Hiking (You may find a lake at the end of the hike so take extra clothes)
  4. Mountain Biking (Wear a helmet – Take the Paper Route – great trail for beginners)
  5. Horseback Riding (Wear comfy clothes)
  6. Snowboarding/Skiing/Sledding/Cross Country Skiing (Dress warm – take a lesson, there are cute instructors)
  7. Shopping (TONIC – super cute boutique)
  8. Brewery (Mammoth Brewing Company – DO IT – Responsibly)

A glimpse into my winter in Mammoth… (watch in HD!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 9.53.46 PM

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